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You can call us on 01904 788 840 to book an appointment for a pre-purchase examination, or you can fill out the form below and our receptionists will contact you to confirm your appointment.

If a potential purchaser only requires a 2 stage examination we will send the form instructing us to perform the reduced examination to you to sign prior to the examination. If this is not possible and you will be at the vetting, we may ask you to sign the form before we start the vetting.

We will require a credit or debit card number to charge the card with cost of the examination (plus a visit charge and blood sample fee, as well as any X-rays requested) before we issue the certificate.

Our 2-stage pre-purchase examinations cost £239.59 and 5-stage costs £374.98.

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If no, request the horse is re-shod before the vetting.

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