Save money on routine healthcare by taking advantage of our zone visit scheme.

At the Minster Equine Veterinary Practice, we are introducing a new zone visit scheme to help you save money and to help us to become more efficient and lower our environmental impact. By introducing zone visits, we can cut down on the amount of fuel we use on routine visits that may be planned in advance. Zone visits will be available from the 4th July 2022.

The Zones

To see the map of zone areas click here and simply enter the postcode of your yard in the map to find out which zone you are in.

If your postcode does not fall under one of our zone visit areas, we unfortunately are unable to cover your area on a zone visit day. We do however service areas outside of the zones with a normal daytime visit fee. Please contact us if you are unsure which zone you fall under.


On zone visit days we undertake routine and preventative healthcare procedures. Zone visits are not appropriate for unwell horses and emergencies, castrations, pre-purchase examinations and conditions such as lameness/eye and skin problems/re-examinations/behavioural issues/wounds/reproduction. A normal visit and consultation are available for these. Procedures we undertake include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Blood Samples
  • Passporting and Microchipping
  • Health checks for repeat prescriptions
  • Routine dental examinations and rasping
  • General injections e.g. mites, ulcer treatments
  • Sarcoid cream application and sarcoid banding
  • Booking

    Bookings for zone visits will close two days before the zone day to give us time to plan the route, i.e. calls booked for a Monday must have been booked by 5.30pm on the preceding Thursday.

    Zone day Book by We confirm
    Monday Thursday Friday
    Tuesday Friday Monday
    Wednesday Monday Tuesday
    Thursday Tuesday Wednesday
    Friday Wednesday Thursday

    To make the zone visits work, we need to be flexible about the vet attending and time of day. You will be called and given a 2-hour time slot the day before your visit (by 3.30pm). If we have not confirmed your appointment with you by this time, your visit will be cancelled. You are not able to request a certain vet or time slot for zone visit appointments.

    We advise you to book early as zone visits are subject to availability and are on a first come, first served basis.
    You (or a representative) must be available to hold the horse and answer any questions during the two hour slot; if nobody is around when the vet arrives the visit is cancelled and the visit fee will be charged.

    To request an appointment with us, please click here.

    The cost

    𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗼𝘀𝘁
    The visit fee is £25.00 per visit and may be split between others on the same yard. We require all zone visit work to be paid at the time of the appointment by cash, card or bank transfer while the vet is present.

    The visit fee is £25.00 per visit and may be split between others on the same yard. Zone visits will not be available to clients with outstanding accounts.