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The Minster Veterinary Practice were the first vet practice in Yorkshire to have a specifically designed equine operating theatre when, in 1985, we built Salisbury Road. In February 1998, we became an equine specific department and opened our Poppleton branch. We have a superb reputation dedicated to providing quality professional care for horses in numerous equestrian disciplines. We are a highly qualified and experienced six-vet team working from two sites across Yorkshire.

Our Poppleton clinic boasts excellent surgical, medical and inpatient facilities as well as a range of surfaces for gait assessment during lameness and poor performance investigations. We are a BEVA approved artificial insemination centre and have the facilities to manage mares for breeding and foaling at the clinic. We have an in house laboratory where we can process bloods, faecal worm egg counts, culture and sensitivity plates, and analyse semen for breeding purposes. There are 5 vets based at York, enabling us to provide an exemplary ambulatory service to our surrounding clients 24/7.

Our branch practice at Malton is primarily an ambulatory practice but has facilities to enable diagnostic lameness investigations, including a mixture of surfaces for trotting on. Malton has dedicated veterinary surgeon and a branch manager and can provide laboratory screening tests such as faecal egg counts. The branch practice is fully equipped with new, digital x-ray equipment as well as ultrasound, gastroscope and airway endoscopy. All equipment is fully mobile allowing us to provide full diagnostic services on your yard, often without the need for a power supply. Malton branch permits us to provide swift and professional services to our clients across North Yorkshire.

With all our depth of knowledge, experience, facilities and equipment we are sure we can meet the veterinary needs of your horse, whether it’s a competition horse or a child’s pony, to the customary high standard Minster provides and upholds.