Pre-season Health Checks

Throughout April we will be offering winter health checks for both new and existing clients. Our pre-season health checks are ideal for those looking to make sure their equines are in top condition and ready to begin work again after a break.

What’s included?

  • Examination of the eyes, heart, lungs and teeth
  • A basic lameness assessment
  • Body Condition Scoring and dietary advice for the winter months
  • Collection of a blood sample for testing
  • A Cushing’s blood test if clinically relevant
  • Worm Egg Count, Tapeworm ELISA test and advice on worming strategy

The following add on services are also available at a discounted rate if booked at the same time:

  • £100 gastric ulcer scope (gastroscopy)
  • £100 hoof balance X-rays (front feet)
  • £55 routine dental (including sedation if necessary)
  • £45 Equinosis Gait Analysis session

This offer is available throughout April 2021 and is at the discounted rate of £75. To book an appointment, call 01904 788 840 or email You can also book online.

Pre-season Health Checks