Welcome to our Equine Winter Health Check

From December through to March we are offering a package of winter health checks and advice at preferential rates for our clients.

At Minster Equine Veterinary Clinic we want to help you give your horse the best care possible and make preventative health care simple whilst also saving money. Preventative healthcare can help identify any potential problems or signs of disease in order to keep your horse, pony or donkey in peak physical condition. Our Equine Winter Health Check, provided by your vet, will ensure your horse is checked over thoroughly and allow the vet to diagnose any problems early, to help your horse live a long and healthy life.

Why get an Equine Winter Health Check?

Recent studies have shown that horse owners are keen to engage more with their vets to improve the health of their horses.
The studies show that horse owners are particularly concerned about preventing diseases such as laminitis, Cushing’s (PPID), metabolic syndrome, joint disease and strangles, plus ensuring that they are managing their horses’ worming protocols and diet appropriately. Although we regularly hold educational evenings and post information on Facebook, there is no substitute for personal contact and advice with your vet, specific to your horse. In addition, veterinary medicine has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years and we can do far more to prevent disease before it develops.

Prevention is better than cure!

What does the Equine Winter Health Check include?:

  • A clinical examination of the eyes, heart and lungs
  • A routine trot up to assess soundness
  • Examination of your horse’s teeth*
  • Review of your horse’s general bodily condition
  • A faecal worm egg count and tapeworm saliva test
  • A haematology blood test for general health screening
  • Opportunity to discuss your horse’s management and feeding
  • Discuss any health concerns about your horse with the vet
*If your horse needs his teeth rasping this is payable in addition

How to book

The cost of the Winter Health Check is £80. For further information or to book an appointment please call our reception team on 01904 788840, or request an appointment via the website.