X-rays are a vital part of most lameness investigations, and we are very lucky to have two state of the art, portable Cuattro Slate DR x-ray systems. These digital radiography machines have been a huge asset to the practice. They, along with the two generators are completely wireless, so are incredibly useful for our ambulatory vets who can take x-rays with ease out on yards. Not only do we have improved safety as there are no trailing wires, the machines are incredibly fast and provide extremely high quality diagnostic images. We are also able to use them in remote locations with no electricity, allowing us to provide a better service to all of our clients.

In addition to these two digital x-ray machines, we also have a third, larger digital x-ray machine, the Sound Eklin Mark DR. This is based in our Poppleton clinic and is mainly used for those patients being admitted to the clinic. However it is also portable and available to our vets out on the road during busy times!

We also have two CR30 radiography machines, one in our Poppleton Clinic and one at our Malton branch. This is a computed radiography system, and means we always have the ability to x-ray horses being admitted to the Poppleton or Malton branches even if the other machines are in use out on the road.