At Minster Equine Veterinary Clinic we provide emergency and out of hours service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. With a team of 7 vets, we can have a vet with you very quickly when required. We always have a vet and a nurse on call out-of-hours to deal with emergencies as well as providing care for any inpatients, meaning back-up is available if needed.

Our onsite provisions for in-patients and horses recovering from surgery are extensive:

  • We have 1 house vet living onsite, and a vet and a nurse are on hand to deal with any situation that should arise
  • Higher risk patients, such as those who have undergone surgery will always be stabled in our internal barn
  • There is direct viewing of all these stables from the flat above, so horses can be observed throughout the night without disturbing them
  • Every horse staying at the clinic will receive a thorough clinical examination at least twice daily, at 8am and 4pm, and all horses will also receive a check at midnight
  • Extra clinical examinations are carried out as necessary throughout the night based on the individual case

For emergencies call 01904 788840