Who else is keeping their fingers crossed that there will be some sort of competition season this year? It’s hard to plan at the moment, however we can still get organised so that we are ready to go once the shows start up again.

Now is the time to check:

Vaccinations – are your horse’s up to date and do they comply with your sport’s guidelines on vaccinations?

Remember to give yourself enough time before a show (horses must be 7 days clear) if your horse needs a booster, or if you need to re-start completely (allow 28 days from first vaccination to the date of your planned competition).

Teeth – are your horse’s teeth in good condition with no sharp edges?

Sharp edges and ulcers in the mouth can really hinder your horse’s performance. Teeth should be checked every 6 – 12 months – why not have your routine check at the beginning of the competition season?

Condition and performance – is your horse fit and looking well?

Our vets can perform checks on your horse’s heart and lungs, as well as give advice on body condition. If your horse is suffering weight loss with a dull coat, this could well be a sign of gastric ulcers. Some of the poor performance symptoms attributed to gastric ulcers can be related to hormonal problems in mares and vice-versa.

On the opposite end of the scale are those that are looking rather ‘too well’ – our vets can advise on weight management and how to slim down those horses and ponies that have come out of winter on the heavier side.

Soundness – is your horse feeling 100%, or is there something not quite right that you can’t quite put your finger on?

Our vets are happy to advise with a soundness check, or why not try our Equinosis Gait Analysis? The gait analysis can measure the most subtle signs of lameness that can be invisible to the human eye.

Our vets are always happy to work alongside other industry professionals such as physiotherapists and farriers to ensure that your horses are in tip-top condition and ready to perform and their best this season.

Measurement – some ponies or horses competing will require an official JMB measurement. Our Poppleton branch has an approved measuring pad with official measurer to provide any height certificates.

Throughout March 2021, if you book your horse in with us for a Winter Health Check, you are eligible for some amazing discounts on the following services if booked at the same time:

  • £100 gastroscopy (including sedation)
  • £100 foot balance X-rays (front feet)
  • £55 routine dental (including sedation)
  • £45 Equinosis Gait Analysis

No matter how big or small your goals, please call us on 01904 788 840 to discuss how our team can help you to achieve them. Our clinics remain open with all social distancing and Covid-19 safe precautions in place – we are still able to take your horse in for any pre-season treatments as well as being able visit you at your own yard.