We started off the year at Minster Equine with a New Year’s resolution to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint at the practice. One of the initiatives we ran was to plant a new tree for every new client we gained during January and February. In total, we managed to plant 28 new trees!

These trees were planted for us by local company ‘Make it Wild’ in Summerbridge, Harrogate. Alongside the tree planting, they also run a re-wilding project on the reserve, where six Exmoor ponies play their part in conservation grazing. The Exmoor ponies performing a vital role in spreading wild flower seed, trampling the ground and maintaining paths through the gorse.

Our team have also been working hard behind the scenes to try to improve sustainability in and around our practices. We are taking care of the local wildlife by providing bird feeders and planting bee-friendly plants and flowers. We also make sure that we recycle as much as we can in the practice, and have swapped to using recycled and recyclable options where we can. We also have a Terracycle Zero Waste box for all of our non-contaminated PPE – items are then separated into their component materials and reprocessed into new materials or composted to produce fertile soil for growing plants.

Small changes make a big difference! Have you implemented any changes in your lifestyle, horsey or non-horsey, to help reduce your carbon footprint? We’d be interested to hear! You can get in touch via the form here and let us know your suggestions.