Equine Weight Management Support with Dengie Horse Feeds

Help keep your horse and pony at a healthy weight this spring and reduce the risk of conditions such as laminitis and EMS by supporting our Equine Weight Management campaign.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the message that a healthy weight means a healthier horse and will bring you lots of tips and advice to help you monitor your horse or pony’s waistline and keep their weight in check as the spring grass comes through.

Our campaign is being supported by Dengie, and we’ve teamed up to compile a free equine weight management booklet that shows you how to assess condition and safely lose any extra pounds. We also have a limited number of weight-tapes available to the first few clients who sign up.

To sign up, receive a free copy of the booklet and request a weigh-tape, speak to your vet, or contact the practice on 01904 788 840 or email us at poppleton@minstervets.co.uk