Happy New Year to all of our clients, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas break.

At the end of 2017 we invested heavily in our theatre to bring it up the highest of standards.

Firstly we received our new anaesthetic machine which has several additional features compared to our previous model. One of these is the JD Bird Ventilator which allows us to artificially breathe for our anaesthetised patients if necessary. This ensures good delivery of oxygen and anaesthetic gas to the patient and also removes waste products from them. All of these new features will increase the safety of our patients.

The second investment was a new operating table, a Haico Telgate II Operating Table supplied by MED Equus Ltd. This state of the art table has excellent supportive mattresses to ensure maximum patient safety and comfort during surgery. The table is highly manoeuvrable allowing for adjustment the height, position and angle of the patient for specialist surgeries such as arthroscopies. Adjustable side panels provide greater patient accessibility for the surgeon, theatre and anaesthetic teams.

This is the first of several substantial investments we hope to make over the next year, so keep an eye for new announcements both on this website and our Facebook page

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our existing clients for a great 2017 and we hope we have build on the brilliant relationships we have with you all!

Our new table is wheeled into position

The new table in position with mattresses in place for a horse to have surgery on its back

The Interns being trained how to use the new anaesthetic machine

Mark Collins preparing to do an operation on a racehorse’s larynx